Conference, Saturday school, SigEp

ItalyItaly is officially in 67 days from about 6 days ago!

This past week was super busy but at least we were able to have some fun.

One of Trent’s favorite things to do is facebook hack. This was his latest on my facebook.


On April Fools Day (Trent’s favorite holiday) I was so lucky to get played a trick on. Trent set all the clocks back in the house, cars, computers, and phones an hour so that instead of waking up at 6 I woke up at 5 to get ready. I got ready and couldn’t figure out why it was so dark outside. Trent blamed it on the weather, and silly me I believed it. I got to school and no one was in the parking lot and it was still really dark. At that point Trent texted me asking if I was late and I was confused because why would I be late when I left on time? I wrote back no and then saw the time stamp and realized what he had done. I then waited in the parking lot for a solid hour! He is such a punk but very good at jokes! Touche’ my dear, touche.

The rest of the week was filled with going out to dinner to make up for our laziness!

On Wednesday one my students transferred because his mom moved far away from the school with no transportation. He is by far one of my favorites and so I couldn’t have that so I worked with some other teachers and we arranged to pick him and his brother up each day and drive them home so that they could finish out the year at our school. This started on Wednesday and we had to take a detour route to my Master’s classes. The boys LOVED IT. They felt so cool getting to go and sit in on a college class. I was happy to show them how fun it is.

On Friday our kids were out for the day but we had to work on planning. It was a good day and I got a lot done and I definitely didn’t miss them! That night we had the missionaries over before our elder heads back to his hometown of Utah. We will really miss him, he was a great missionary. After they left we spent the entire night playing Phase 10 and we had a ball. Sometimes you need to take it back and just love on the little things.

IMG_3560 IMG_3559 IMG_3558

IMG_3565 IMG_3566Saturday my kids had Saturday school in which we picked up trash in the community our students live in. It was great to give back and even better to see kids competing to pick up the most trash! That night we went to celebrate the Founding Fathers dinner for SigEp. We had way to much fun and it was so nice to get all dressed up for the night.

IMG_3569 IMG_3574IMG_3593

IMG_3582IMG_3585 This past week or so we have been working on a table that we got my aunt who got from her grandma. The table is very old and so we sanded it and stained it to give it an updated look. I am so happy with the new stain and now want to stain everything in my house!

IMG_3600Conference this weekend was great and very powerful. I am always so thankful for the beautiful talks that they give and the wonderful words that I can use as wisdom and guidance going forward until we meet again. I am very thankful to not only believe but KNOW that this is the true church on this earth. Church is true.


Em and T-Lo


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